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Did you miss some of the 2018 Midterm Election results? Here are some highlights (as of Nov 13, 2018)…

For those who compare politics to a spectator sport, the 2018 Arizona General Election is a final championship that has had almost all of us paying closer attention and sitting on the edge of our seats as the number of votes have been counted, well, daily since the Nov. 6 election.  

Turns out, this midterm was one that broke records across the country with some seats neck and neck. Seven days after the election, as the last batches of early ballots were counted across Arizona, Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally conceded to Kyrsten Sinema to become the first woman U.S. Senator in Arizona. Sinema won by 38,197 votes, although votes across the state will continue to be counted through Nov. 14.

Women who ran for office were considered record winners across the country and responsible for the new Democratic Party congressional majority. Of those who ran and won, 256 women were candidates for the U.S. House or Senate in the general election, and while votes are still being counted, it looks like 114 of those candidates have won. Women voters also broke records going to the polls, according to some sources.


Here is a rundown on how life panned out for candidates across the state:

Republican Doug Ducey was reelected governor, with 56.4 percent of the vote. Democratic challenger David Garcia received 41.5 percent of the vote.

The race for secretary of state seemed truly neck in neck at times. However, Democrat Katie Hobbs is now in the lead with 50.1 percent of the vote and Republican Steve Gaynor with 49.9 percent.

Republican incumbent Attorney General Mark Brnovich is ahead with 52 percent of vote. His Democrat challenger January Contreras has 48 percent of the vote.

In the corporation commission race, Democrat Sandra Kennedy finally won a seat at the table getting the most votes for the race. There are two seats available. Incumbent Justin Olson won the second seat.

Out of all the state legislative races, the one with the closest lead is the LD28 State Senate race between Republican Kate Brophy McGee and her challenger Democrat educator Christine Porter Marsh. Brophy McGee is ahead by 549 votes.

Congratulations to all winning Arizona candidates who signed on to STAT’s People’s Agenda for Arizona. We see you. We appreciate you standing with the people: Rebecca Rios (Senate LD27), Juan Mendez (Senate LD26), Athena Salman (Senate LD26), Lela Alston (Senate LD24), Denise “Mitzi” Epstein (House LD18), David Bradley (Senate LD10), Domingo DeGrazia (House LD10), Kirsten Engel (House LD10), Victoria Steele (Senate LD9), Randy Friese (House LD9), Pamela Powers Hannley (House LD9), Sally Ann Gonzalez (Senate LD3), Andres Cano (House LD3), Andrea Dalessandro (Senate LD2), Rosanna Gabaldon (House LD2), Ann Kirkpatrick (CD2), Raul Grijalva (CD3) and Sandra Kennedy (Corporation Commission).

Also, congratulations to Save Our Schools – one of the finest bipartisan efforts in our state that came together in every corner of Arizona to prevent further expansion of education vouchers. No on Prop 305 won with 65.1 percent of the vote. The People’s Agenda had education at the top of the list, and it didn’t surprise the STAT team to see SOS succeed. We remain #RedForEd.


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