7 Steps to Organizing your own Project Period Drive

Get approval 

You may need management/leadership to help you promote the drive and make it a success, – be sure to follow any organizational rules about giving and soliciting at your organization or donation location.

Find out if your company or a local company will do a matching financial gift

Many companies are happy to making a matching gift of their employee contributions – even when employees are giving a product instead of cash. See if your company will donate a dollar for every box of product raised.

If your school, church, local community organization, or club is holding the drive, find friends, relatives, or local companies to give a matching gift!

Set your goals

No matter what your approach, have a specific goal – this gives participants a benchmark for success. The goal can be based on the amount raised the last time, or you can set a goal based on the number of participants.

For Example:
An organization with 100 people
100 people x 5 boxes/person= 500 of product
100 people x $5 per person = $500 donation to Project Period

Get boxes and containers

Your local copy/print shops may have empty boxes of paper which are sturdy and manageable when filled, plus you can have fun and decorate them. The YWCA of Southern Arizona can also provide large boxes for product collection. We do ask organizers to limit box requests to large drives where large boxes will be necessary. This keeps our costs down.

Start Early and set up a kick-off event

Share information throughout your organization and community early. Make posters, flyers and signs to promote your drive, and remind people about your drive in your e-mail signature or voicemail message. If your organization has a website, post the information. Remember to update your participants periodically on progress.

Bring all your targeted participants together for a kick-off event. Explain the importance of your drive, educate your participants about how the YWCA of Southern Arizona helps to alleviate poverty, announce goals and incentives for meeting goals, and distribute information about Project Period. Use our FAQ sheets and other information in this it to help you.

Set up a Central Location

Collection sites should be visible and easy to find. Collect donated product at central locations like break rooms, common meeting rooms and reception areas. Assign one or two individuals to be responsible for collecting financial contributions. Make all checks payable to the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

Schedule product drop-off

Call us at 520-884-7810 to schedule your drop off and to take a tour of the YWCA while your here to see your advocacy in action! Delivering product collected at your drive helps us keep overhead costs low.

Other Suggestions for a Successful Drive


Build Awareness

  • Give each participant a shopping bag with a shopping list and Project Period Facts attached to it.
  • Arrange a tour and volunteer day at the YWCA of Southern Arizona for those who are interested.
  • Provide participants with a progress report toward your goal and a Project Period Fact each day via email or through social media. For more information, see our website ywcatucson.org
  • Create an insert you can place in people’s mailboxes or paycheck stubs with details of the Project Period Drive. Be creative and find ways to reach people via your workplace newsletter, website or other media used to get information to employees, staff members, students, church members, or club members.



Involve everyone and make it competitive.

Friendly competitions between departments or groups can also help increase the amount of products donated. Offer a prize for the group that brings in the most donations, such as letting the winning department wear casual attire for a day, asking the company to provide them with lunch, or letting them go home an hour early on a Friday. Create competitions with lots of categories – largest individual donation, most tampons, sanitary pads, etc.

Have various departments or groups responsible for collecting different items. For example, have one group bring in tampons, another sanitary pads, another menstrual cups, etc.

Announce your results and celebrate success!

The YWCA of Southern Arizona will send an acknowledgement of your donation. Individual financial donors will also receive acknowledgments, as well as a tax deduction receipt. Make sure to thank everyone for their participation. Reiterate that every bit of help, small or large, helps us in fight against poverty in Southern Arizona.

Make sure your event has been covered in your company or organizational newsletter. If you did not contact outside media to cover your charitable efforts, consider sending a press release to local newspapers to advertise your efforts and success.