Dear [NAME],

Our organization is holding a Project Period Drive on [DATES] to benefit the YWCA of Southern Arizona. This is a great opportunity to help empower women and alleviate poverty in our community and I encourage you to join in our efforts.

All products raised will help the YWCA of Southern Arizona to supply sanitary products to women and girls in need. Women in poverty, individuals and families are so limited in their resources to buy menstrual products when other financial priorities such as feeding their children, paying for housing and utilities take precedent.

Here are some startling statistics about this need in our community:

  • Tampons and sanitary pads are not a luxury. Without proper supplies, women miss work. Girls miss school. Life for homeless women becomes even harder and less dignified. Access to menstruation-related products is both a health issue and an economic issue.
  • These products are expensive. The average lifetime cost of menstruation-related supplies is nearly $20,000 per woman. The cost is not covered by insurance. You can’t use SNAP (food stamps) to pay for them.
  • Unlike food and other “necessary” items, these products are subject to sales tax both by the City of Tucson and the State of Arizona. There is a clear need to change public policy to ensure that all women and girls have access to the supplies they need to live dignified, productive lives.

Here is how you can help:

Donate funds. For an official Financial Donation Form, please e-mail or see [PROJECT PERIOD DRIVE COORDINATOR’S NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS], or visit the YWCA of Southern Arizona’s website at: For every dollar raised, the YWCA of Southern Arizona can effectively provide workforce development programming to women in the local community.

Donate product. Donate new, closed boxes of tampons, pads & menstrual cups in the marked boxes at collection points in our location during the drive.

Thank you for your help!