Project Period Facts

What is Project Period?

An ongoing drive to collect menstrual products for women, girls and trans-gender people in our community – and an advocacy effort to change local, state and federal policies in order to make these products more affordable and accessible to all women.

Why did the YWCA of Southern Arizona launch Project Period?

Tampons and sanitary pads are not a luxury. Without proper supplies, women miss work. Girls miss school. Life for homeless women becomes even harder and less dignified. Access to menstrual products is both a health and an economic issue. The average lifetime cost of menstruation-related supplies is nearly $20,000 per woman. The cost is not covered by insurance. You can’t use SNAP (food stamps) to pay for them. In fact, unlike food and other “necessary” items, these products are subject to sales tax both by the City of Tucson and the State of Arizona. There is a clear need to change public policy to ensure that all women and girls have access to the supplies they need to live dignified, productive lives.

How can community members support Project Period?

Community members are invited to host their own Project Period Drive, or donate new, closed boxes of tampons, pads and menstrual cups.

How can women and girls in need receive supplies through Project Period?

The YWCA will distribute supplies through “Your Sister’s Closet,” a program of the YWCA that has been helping women dress for work for 28 years. Call 520-884-7810 to make an appointment.

Supplies will also be distributed through our partner agencies including: Emerge Center for Domestic Abuse, Primavera, Our Family Services, Child and Family Resources, Inc., Southern Arizona Community Food Bank, Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, The Haven, Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network and Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Project Period Drives so important?

The drives are critical to our ongoing mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. Access to menstrual products is both a health issue and an economic issue and we are fighting to make these products more affordable and accessible. Also, monetary donations allow us to purchase additional product and distribute to women in need in our community.

What times of year is the YWCA in most critical need of additional donations?

We always have a need for donations and never turn them away. However, inventory seems to be low in the summer months.

What types of products are you collecting?

We can only accept unopened items in their original packaging. It’s ok if the external packaging is damaged so long as the internal packaging is still intact.

Are you accepting cash donations as well as product donations?

Yes. Financial donations are also greatly needed in order to keep our distributions functioning. Your contributions also allow us to upgrade our office and warehouse equipment so that we can be more efficient and serve more women. To make a financial gift, please fill out the donation form included in this packet.

Can the YWCA of Southern Arizona pick-up my collected products?

The YWCA of Southern Arizona has limited staff and vehicles. Most of the time, they are engaged in regular organizational operations and are not available for extra pick-ups. Your delivery directly to the Frances McClelland Community Center helps us maintain efficiency and keep costs down. However, please call us if you are unable to deliver yourself; we will make pick-up arrangements as needed.

Where is the YWCA of Southern Arizona located and when is it open?

We accept donations at the Frances McClelland Community Center located at 525 N. Bonita Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85745. Our doors are open for product donations Monday-Friday 8:00pm-5:00pm.

Do you accept other items besides tampons and sanitary pads for donation?

The YWCA of Southern Arizona focuses its efforts on poverty alleviation and workforce development. That being said we also collect professional women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics to distribute through Your Sister’s Closet.

Can I volunteer at the YWCA of Southern Arizona?

Absolutely! For more information on our volunteer programs, please visit us on the web at: or call s at 520-884-7810.