Learn more about Rise Up! at YWCA Southern Arizona:

Rise Up! Open House September 2022 video recording

YWCA Southern is proud to be part of the activation of young women through the Rise Up Manual, as part of the global movement of YWCA!

Rise Up! weekly programming will begin October 5th, 2022, and run on Wednesday evenings (Arizona time) from 6:00-8:00 pm.

You will receive the Zoom Link upon registration.

Please register today if you are interested in learning more or attending this training opportunity.

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All sessions will be virtual, and we will also have opportunities for in-person retreats at our Bonita campus, 525 N. Bonita Ave.

If you have questions or want to learn more about getting involved, don’t hesitate to contact Izzy Hernandez at ihernandez@ywcatucson.org.

Help be the change and achieve Goal 2035!


The Rise Up Training Manual is available here.

First launched with funding from the Global Youth Mobilization grant, our YWCA Southern Arizona is proud to be among the first YWCA USA associations to work with Rise Up!

Over the last year, we have learned more about our global movement and local changemakers through formal dialogues and conversations with our international partners. This program provides a virtual safe space for young women to discuss regional and global issues, meet local change-making collaborators, and learn about their place in our intergenerational work for justice and change.

Our first cohort was small and mighty. They continue to provide invaluable feedback and efforts to grow this program as a vehicle to help drive Young Women’s Leadership opportunities here in Pima County and beyond. This effort is part of our growing learning about and around Climate Justice work and the need for YWCA Southern Arizona to be at the table of change making.

We hope that you will join us to support this work.

( Rise Up! Cohort and friends in the community Pollinator Garden Project)

( Cohort Receiving Certificates of Completion of Rise Up! Program)

We thank Dr. Suchi Gaur and the entire World YWCA team for the incredible resources and opportunities to be part of this global movement.

Virtual Safe Spaces

Feminist Consultation Methodology Guide 

Rise Up! Revised curriculum

and a space to share the ideas of the global movement. https://shespeaksworldywca.org/


About World YWCA’s RiseUp! Initiative

Young women in Asia and the Pacific live with constant violations of their human rights. The barriers to claiming the rights that they already faced have increased with the COVID-19 pandemic and emergencies such as natural disasters and political crises. When young women have the space, support, and recognition to rise to become leaders, they are an influential force in championing young women’s rights and social change in their families, communities, and beyond. The RiseUp! Leadership Initiative(currently in its fourth phase)works with a cohort of young women leads across nine (9)countries in Asia and the Pacific to further facilitate young women to build their skills, knowledge, and networks to become confident leaders who can claim their rights and act together to bring about transformative social change. RiseUp! supports all leaders to work together, share their knowledge and leadership with others, and inspire all young women to use their voices and act together for social change. Identifying problems and working together to solve them is an essential component of RiseUp! Initiative. Problem-solving is also a core principle of the FCM that fosters collaboration and co-creation, working through power dynamics and encouraging solutions through an iterative process while using language with intention. Through commissioning the action research, World YWCA seeks to foster linkages between the ongoing RiseUp! Initiative and evidence-based advocacy work and the learnings from the application of FCM in other similar yet diverse socio-cultural contexts. It is expected that the key findings and learning from the action research will directly feed into RiseUp’s Theory of Change and further strengthen the ongoing work.

Opportunities at World YWCA to help build out Rise Up! with WORLD YWCA