If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, please contact Imelda Esquer at 520-884-7810 ext. 7127 or IEsquer@ywcatucson.org
Our core programs include:
Mi Carrera—Desarrollo Profesional

Este programa está diseñado para identificar las necesidades en el área de desarrollo profesional de mujeres que están sin empleo o en transición a cambiar de carrera profesional. La intención de este programa es ayudar a la participante a tener confianza en sí misma y obtener las habilidades necesarias en su desarrollo profesional. Durante esta clase las participantes serán emparejadas con profesionales de la comunidad para asesoria profesional. En Mi Carrera aprenderán:

  • Establecer prioridades, metas y los pasos de seguirlas
  • Identificar intereses profesionales
  • Identificar y sobrepasar barreras al empleo

Costo del programa:
$15 porel cuarto

Mi Vida—Desarrollo Personal

Martes 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Agosto-Diciembre & Enero-Junio de cada añoEste programa de desarrollo personal ayuda las mujeres latinas a buscar recursos para estabilizar su vida, así como para construir sus propias fortalezas y confianza en sí misma. Confianza e independencia serán cultivadas para cada individuo, preparándose para comenzar a planificar y priorizar para cumplir exitosamente con sus sueños y metas

Costo del programa:
$25 por semestre

English as a Second Language-Latina Leadership Institute

Quarterly ESL course (two levels: beginner and advanced ESL) Priority for placement in the program is given to graduates of Mi Carrera. Free babysitting is available for children ages 4 and over, and homework help is available for middle school and teens during class hours.

Costo del programa:
$15 por el cuarto

Promotoras Rompiendo Cadenas (Community Educators breaking through Barriers)

Year-long training institute in Spanish for women who wish to become advocates for other women experiencing gender violence. The promotora program includes training in leadership and community organizing, and legal rights for immigrants. Participants receive training in the prevention/intervention of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Participants also participate in “know your rights” training for immigrant communities. This is a hands-on leadership training course in which participants cultivate and practice their leadership skills while they raise social awareness on gender violence and issues that impact immigrant communities.

Next Session: October 2022
Call Imelda Esquer to register (520) 447-8943 or email iesquer@ywcatucson.org

Mujeres y Niñas (Women and girls)

Summer 2023

This bilingual summer program is designed to equip adolescent girls with the knowledge, skills, and resources to develop healthy relationships and avoid unsafe sexual behaviors that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancy. Provided in collaboration with the Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention & Health Promotion and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

GED Program-Latina Leadership Institute

Program collaboration with Pima Community College Adult Education. Semester-long GED course taught by Pima Community College Adult education instructors. Participants are not required to have a social security number. This program is free of charge. Priority for placement in the program is given to graduates of Mi Carrera.  Additional GED mentoring and tutoring is available.

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