As part of our ongoing work around safety in communities and the Southern Arizona Anti-Hate Crimes Task Force, if you have experienced a hate crime please share your experience here.

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Silence is no longer an option.

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Many of us have been rattled by the events that have taken place in our nation and here in our community in the recent past. Now more than ever we must stand together.

Additional resources:

Southern Poverty Law Center Fight Hate: A Community Response

How do I report a bias crime?
If you are a victim of or a witness to a crime, you can choose to report the incident to the police, either during or immediately after it occurs by calling 911 or by going into a local station.

The 911 operator needs quick and concise information, such as:

Your injuries:
911 Operator will call medics while talking with you.

The specifics of the crime:
What happened?

What was said:
Tell the 911 operator and the responding officer if the suspect(s) used words to indicate a hate crime.

If there was a weapon involved:.
Describe it as a gun, knife, etc.

Description of suspects:
Age, race, height, weight and clothing description of the suspect(s)
Any unusual characteristics: Scars, marks, tattoos, piercings, speech, etc.

Suspect vehicle description:
Color, make, model, vehicle license.

Direction of travel:
Which way did they flee?

Even if you think the crime is insignificant, or that you don’t want to bother the police over small issues, reporting crimes quickly allows law enforcement to:

  • Respond immediately to the scene to prevent further harm to you or others.
  • Collect evidence that could be destroyed if not discovered and collected quickly.
  • Interview witnesses who may otherwise be gone if you delay your call to 911.
  • Apprehend the suspect(s) quickly so they do not continue to victimize others.
  • Determine if the suspect(s) are engaged in a pattern of previous and/or ongoing behavior that threatens the community.
  • Increase community awareness of criminal activity in the area through media notification & alerts.
  • Develop solutions and/or deterrents to reduce the crime by adding patrols to the area.

Your quick actions and reporting will help reduce crime and make our community a safer place for everyone.