Just like the weather phenomenon called a haboob (a dust storm that appears in the Arizona desert), Operation Haboob (OH) is bringing together diverse groups and individuals in a statewide, non-partisan alliance to create a storm of voices and utilize our collective power to:

  1. Rebuild community
  2. Revive democracy
  3. Co-create a new future for Arizona where everyone can thrive.

The people of Arizona deserve a state government that listens to and respects their needs. They want to trust their elected officials but are uninspired by policy debates that do not respond to their daily lives. They want an Arizona that understands and is accountable to its citizens.

Arizonans are calling for a new agenda for the state’s future: The People’s Agenda for Arizona. The People’s Agenda for Arizona will clearly define the issues most important to the people of Arizona, not to special interests, lobbyists, or outsiders. The People’s Agenda is more than a list of policy goals. It is a platform for long-term education and organizing.

To develop the People’s Agenda for Arizona, the YWCA Arizona listened to and gathered the insights of almost 2,000 Arizonans. We thank our neighbors from every corner of the state who took the time to share their hopes for Arizona’s future. Based on this outreach and input, the YWCA determined that the people of Arizona prioritize the following:


The People’s Agenda for Arizona
  • Improve, protect, and support public schools: Arizonans believe that public education is the basis for a healthy community and a robust economy. No other issue had more support.
  • Ensure access to basic health care: Arizonans want to preserve and expand access to basic physical and mental health care for children and adults.
  • Protect Arizona communities from divisive immigration policies: Arizonans know that much immigration policy is federal. However, they are concerned about state efforts that are dividing, not uniting, communities.

In the months to come, the YWCA and the Operation Haboob Alliance will distribute the People’s Agenda for Arizona statewide. The YWCA will mobilize hundreds of our neighbors to use the People’s Agenda for Arizona as an educational tool at townhall meetings, community gatherings, editorial boards, neighborhood associations, boardrooms, churches, and other places where concerned Arizonans gather.


Download Your Copy of the Agenda Today:

We present Arizona Thrives: The People’s Agenda 10-Point Plan, that identifies the concerns heard from Arizonans and The People’s Agenda for Arizona, which will guide our work over the next two years as we seek to rebuild community and revive democracy.

By the people, for the people and of the people ...

American democracy depends on all of us contributing our voices and our votes to ensure that our values are embodied by our elected leaders and enacted in our laws.

“How can I get involved?”


Join the Operation Haboob alliance here.


Become an Operation Haboob “Huddle Host.”

Click here to sign up as a Huddle Host and you’ll be sent a free Operation Haboob Handbook.

Huddle Hosts duties include:

  • Hosting huddle meetings for your friends in your home or favorite hang out place
  • Staying informed about Operation Haboob activities by getting Haboob emails and joining Haboob conference calls & webinars
  • Making sure all of your friends are registered to vote, understanding the key issues, and VOTING their values!
Are you registered to vote?
Click here to register to vote online! It’s really that easy.


For more information about how you can get involved or to volunteer your time, email Mari Herreras or call at 520-884-7810.



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Operation Haboob is an initiative all about rebuilding community, reviving democracy, and co-creating a new future to make Arizona a place where every…
Operation Haboob Huddle Hosts
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Operation Haboob is an initiative all about rebuilding community, reviving democracy, and co-creating a new future to make Arizona a place where every…

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