Founded in 2013, the Galleria and gift shop has been a space for artists to share their work, hone their business, and inform the public about the YWCA mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The Galleria has brought an important component to supporting local arts community and artists of Tucson. Along with Corazon Cafe, it has made a creative and vibrant space for members to gather and build relationships. It’s giving us something to talk about, making us wonder, sometimes making us angry and sometimes making us laugh, but always giving us hope. These artists are mostly women, but not always. The shop also assists these working artists to make a living, host an artist reception to meet with potential collectors, and have an opportunity to grow their audience.

The YWCA Galleria has hosted numerous exhibition receptions for artists and supporters. Ranging from solo shows to two person and group exhibitions, the Galleria is working to honor the works of established artists as well as make space for up and coming artists to build audiences. We hope you will join us at upcoming celebrations of the artist production from local artists.

Current Exhibition

Love Letter to Tucson – Unique Visions and Observations

Featuring works by Lisa Kanouse and Jacqueline Chanda from September 18th until January 1, 2019. Open to the public during business hours.

Our Fall Exhibition is a two woman show featuring works by Lisa Kanouse and Jacqueline Chanda. This exhibition is an exploration of Tucson’s urban life as seen by these two talented artists, with surreal expressions and impressionistic outlooks taking center stage. Both artists work with Tucson as their subject matter, but in very different manners.

Jacqueline Chanda uses the term “observations” to describe her practice of creating narrative oil paintings from observational drawings and photographs that she has taken. From these visual resources she constructs multiple-figure compositions depicting common people doing common things in common situations. By emphasizing everyday occurrences, the ordinary becomes extraordinarily interesting. The invented stories, executed with painterly, loose brush strokes, represent moments in time, snap shots of life. Her work is inspired by that of Edgar Degas and Toulouse Lautrec, who were influenced by compositional elements found in Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. Thus she uses accidental cropping as in a snapshot and off-centered compositions to impart a sense of movement and immediacy. Degas’ influence can also be found in her depiction of scenes from contemporary life that emphasize human isolation. Like Degas, her intent is to create a natural, dynamic, or authentic environment that draws in the viewer enabling him/her to explore underlying social realities found in contemporary subject matter.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Chanda is a graduate of UCLA, and had the privilege of studying with Richard Diebenkorn, who greatly influenced her work.

From there Chanda studied at the Sorbonne, exhibiting her work extensively in Paris where she lived for many years. She currently resides in Tucson.

Lisa Kanouse is a native to Tucson, Arizona. She studied Art and Design at Parsons School of Design in New York, then continued her education at the University of Arizona, completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2000. Lisa’s unique style is influenced by Mexican folk art as well as her interest in classical European artists. In 2004, she studied tile mosaics, sculptures, and ceramics in Vincenzia and Faenza, Italy. She has also spent summers learning printmaking and woodblock techniques in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Lisa has explored many different media including mosaics, ceramics, woodblock prints, batiks, collage, silk painting, pastels, and sculptures. However, Lisa’s focus remains primarily on acrylic painting. Her subject matter ranges from local historical places in Tucson to abstract figures to detailed anatomy and the list goes on.

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