HARK! is an ensemble of theatre and art makers committed to the practice of mindful encounter with the community for the purpose of listening, archiving and devising new performance works from shared responses to critical social, political and philosophical questions. Learn more about this exciting project here.


SheworXX is an evolving community of Tucson-based theater-makers—playwrights, directors, actors, dramaturgs, designers, and others—building gender parity in theater locally and globally through community engagement, mentoring, peer education, and the production of works by female-identified and feminist playwrights. They are currently workshopping creative pieces.

Teatro Dignidad

The mission of Teatro Dignidad is to produce plays and foster art movements which call for the recognition of the inherent dignity of all human beings, within the spirit advancing the inalienable and fundamental freedoms of all human beings as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Learn more at here.

Upcoming Events

Jul 17 TAGG Monthly Forum– The Crimes of Mass Incarceration
'Truth in sentencing'? What does that mean? Rehabilitation? How do we compare with other states? What % are impriso
Tuesday — 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Pueblo High Little Theatre
Aug 15 Voting, fun? Oh Yeah, Baby, It’s A Ballot Party
Some people think that voting has gone to the dogs, so let's prove them wrong. The YWCA STAT team invites you and your friends to a party!
Wednesday — 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Dusty Monk Pub
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