Tuesday, January 15, 2018
Contact: Valerie Galloway
YWCA Galleria Manager

Love and Light-A New Journey, paintings by Gavin Hugh Troy.
Exhibition runs from January 20th-April 1st 2019. Opening reception Friday February 1st from 5-7 pm at the YWCA Francis McClelland Community Center.

We welcome the works of Gavin Hugh Troy for our next exhibition.

This exhibition is inspired by the new changes in Congress starting 2019. With a newly diverse and Democratic Congress, this gives hope for the start of new journey for our country. Working with acrylic, gesso and pencil on canvas or wood, Troy’s paintings featuring boats, travellers, serene colors and points of light are a symbolic message of love, light and peace for our country’s future.

For artist Troy, who lives and works in downtown Tucson, creativity and living are a way of being. Along with an inner narrative, the process of self-discovery has always been an important element of his work. This transcends the individual and applies to our country as a whole. While working in the studio, letting go and opening up to an inner joy and peace has become a way of working through life’s challenges. The paintings become a record of this healing process, and sharing this with others is a wonderful way to communicate in a non-verbal way.

This exhibition runs from January 20th until April 1st, and is free and open to the public.

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