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Each session will open with a grounding or somatic exercise to help usher us into our shared space. Try to the best of your ability to have the time and space for the session, but if you can’t, we get it, and recordings will be made available to you.

What you get:

Each session will have a particular theme, lesson, and Guest Expert.  You will also have access to our YWCA staff member, Liane Hernandez, who can help with technical issues, make sure that everyone’s questions get asked, and our community values of shared learning, respect, transparency, and courage are in place.

WLC22 and Mighty Networks are our space, so let’s work hard to make it brave, connected, and accountable.


Click into Mighty Networks events to join the Monday workshop training. 

We will host Mondays from 6-9 PM Arizona (9-12 PM EST)

WEEK 1: Mon, October 11th, 6 pm MST
Pushing Back on Chronic Stress with An Empowering Practice
with Guest Experts: Sutapa Dube, MD and Sujata Dube, MA Integrative Wellness and Health.

WEEK 2: Mon, October 18th, 6 pm MST
Advancing Communities: Leading in a World of Xenophobia, Racism, Misogynoir, and Discrimination
with Guest Expert: Channel Powe of Powe Power

WEEK 3: Mon, October 25th, 6 pm MST
Shedding Shame, Choosing Pride: Tools on How to Begin Healing to Live and Lead Authentically
with Guest Expert: Maria Rodriguez of Planned Parenthood

WEEK 4Wed, November 3rd, (note the date) 6 pm MST
End of Life Care Planning:  Conversations that Matter Across Cultures and Generations
with Guest Experts: Sarah Bahnson, LGBTQ Community Liaison at Pima Council on Aging; Delia Gastelum, End of Life Specialist at Pima Council on Aging, Deb Seng, End of Life Initiatives Coordinator at Pima Council on Aging–all on behalf of the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership

WEEK 5: Mon, November 8th, 6 pm MST
Resilient Leadership Through Trauma with Somatic Decision Making
with Guest Expert: Elizabeth M Caraballo, teacher, consultant, artist of

WEEK 6: Mon, November 15th, 6 pm MST
Revision: Arts and Culture Leadership Practices
with Guest Expert: Tyrell Blacquemoss, Principal Dreamworker, of Cause Reign & W3AVING W3BS (pronounced Weaving Webs)

Graduation / Cocktail Party Celebration (LIVE &in person) on
November 19th from 6 pm – 8 pm on the YWCA Courtyard, 
525 N. Bonita Ave. Tucson, AZ 85745

All activities will occur in the Mighty Networks, including the Monday evening session and the Wednesday Q&A.

The weekly Q&A is an extra opportunity to get support from your guest expert and cohort each week to ensure that you’re making a lot of progress and as quickly as possible. Dates and times for the Q & A are on the Wednesday following the Monday session; we will do our absolute best to accommodate the group and expert trainer as possible.

It would help if you did not have to look for emails or messages about this course, as all the materials, videos, chats, and topic-specific content will be right here for you. But, just in case, you can reach out to Liane Hernandez at most times during the week for support and answers to your queries.

Monday, Oct 11
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Mighty Networks
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