The LOFT FILM FEST is Nov. 7-14, 2018 and we put together a “WATCH” list of films about eliminating racism and empowering women! Mark your calendars for the following films and visit their website for more information.


THE CAVE ( For besieged civilians, hope and safety lie underground inside the subterranean hospital known as The Cave, where 30-year-old pediatrician and managing physician Dr. Amani Ballor and her female colleagues have claimed their right to work as equals alongside their male counterparts, doing their jobs in a way that would be unthinkable in what’s left of the oppressively patriarchal culture that exists above.
FALLS AROUND HER ( In this compelling drama, legendary singer, Mary Birchbark (Tantoo Cardinal, in a heart-wrenching performance), abandons a life of fame and fortune to follow the instinctual pull that calls her home to her First Nation.
GRACE OF MY HEART ( Featuring writer/director Allison Anders and star Illeana Douglas in person! Grace of My Heart is acclaimed writer/director Allison Ander’s unabashed love letter to three decades of popular music, from the doo-wop era of the late 1950s, to the rise of the girl groups in the 1960s to the psychedelic era of the 1970s, all seen through the eyes of an aspiring singer who sacrifices her own singing career to write hit songs that launch the careers of other artists as she searches for her own voice.  
PARADISE HILLS ( In this futuristic fairy tale, Uma (Emma Roberts, Scream Queens) wakes to find herself at Paradise Hills, a mysterious facility located on an idyllic island where high-class families send their daughters to become unnaturally perfect versions of themselves — run by the mysterious Duchess (Mia Jovovich, The Fifth Element). 
SAINT FRANCES ( Thirty-four-year-old Bridget (Kelly O’Sullivan, who also penned the script) is a college dropout turned server, who is far more comfortable relaying every detail of her recent abortion than she is talking about her feelings.

SELENA ( Featuring a special live introduction by 2019 Lofty Achievement Award recipient, Oscar-nominated actor/producer/director Edward James Olmos! The vibrant, music-filled drama Selena tells the story of the Grammy Award-winning Mexican-American star from South Texas whose life tragically ended just as she was taking Tejano where it had never gone – into mainstream America. 
WHAT SHE SAID: THE ART OF PAULINE KAEL ( Tagged by Roger Ebert as the most influential film critic of the late twentieth century, this smart, punchy and highly entertaining documentary tells the story of Pauline Kael’s turbulent life and work, through never-before-seen archival footage, her published writing and personal letters, and interviews with both friends and foes of her pen.