Conference Schedule & Workshops

Registration & Breakfast
7:30 –  Registration Opens

8:00 – Breakfast

8:30 – Conference Opening

8:40 – Alejandra Castillo, Breakfast Keynote

9:05 – Activity

9:15 – Networking and Exhibitors

Workshop Session I  • 9:50 – 10:50

Workshop Session II • 10:55 – 11:55

12:05  Lunch and Keynote, Jes Baker

12:25 – Plenary Activity

12:45 – BOLD & Bad%$! C-Suite Panel

1:35 – Kelly Fryer, keynote

2:15pm – 3:00 Closing

Our workshops tracks will focus on

All workshops and ballroom is open seating format, please review the workshops ahead of time to identify those you are most interested in. If the session is full please feel free to go to an alternate workshop. We’ll see you on the 19th!

  • You’re Such A “1”
    The Enneagram can help us better understand ourselves and our relationships. It is a system of nine basic personality types that can illuminate important dynamics in our personality, as well as how we engage with the world around us. Each type has its own set of strengths and vulnerabilities; the Enneagram can help guide our interactions with colleagues to yield more positive interactions and make sense of exchanges that can often leave us feeling confused.
  • You’re A Bad@ss
    How to combat negative self-talk that often tells us, “we are lucky to be here”, or that success was by chance. This negative internal dialogue often strips us of our power. Through this workshop participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and gain tips for those days when they don’t feel like the bad@a*&! they really are.
  • Make It Rain…or Not.
    Making it rain isn’t just something celebrities can do. Making sure that you have a financial plan, or are working towards creating one can help you reach your financial goals. Want to retire early…but how? Want to buy a house…but when? Not sure where your money is going each month….but what?! If you have the same questions without an answer, this is the financial planning workshop for YOU! Take a step into financial planning for where you are and where you want to be.
  • Negotiate UP
    Negotiations can feel daunting, for some they are a source of discomfort, for others a surge of adrenaline. Through this workshop participants will examine their own negotiation style and discuss how to negotiate from a place that validates one’s experience and expertise as first steps towards negotiating up.
  • No Fear Startups
    Always dreamed of starting your own small business, but stopped just short of following through? What has held you back? What do you feel you’re missing to help you make the leap? This workshop will work through a series of interactive tips, and tools to support your business development and boost your confidence when mapping your business journey.
  • Get on Board!
    Do you want to build your network, develop leadership skills, and make a difference in your community? You can do all of that and more when you serve on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization. This workshop will provide an overview of what board members do, how to choose the right board for you, and how to make the most of your board experience.
  • Be Your Best Brand: How to Market Yourself to Succeed
    This session on personal branding will help you discover the way you are perceived in person and online.  You will gain knowledge on how to utilize digital media to build a network and increase credibility.  You will leave the session with a guide to create an effective personal brand and reach your professional goals.
  • That Was Weird.
    Have you ever had a conversation or exchange that left you feeling sorta weird or confused? Where you couldn’t help but feel that the person who was complimenting you was actually putting you down. Or have you ever meant to compliment someone, and their reaction was the opposite of you expected? Microaggressions are part of daily exchanges for many marginalized communities. Through this workshop, you will learn exactly what a microaggression is, why it leaves folks feeling particularly uncomfortable and how to address a situation in which you are either on the receiving end of a microaggression, or you have perpetuated microaggressions in an exchange. This workshop is for folks who are open to learning about how privilege and power dynamics can play a roll in daily professional and personal environments that affect interpersonal communication & relationships.
  • Your Authentic Self

    Sharing your lived experiences and seeing it as a source of strength, power, and confidence can help transform your life and the way you engage with the world around you. This workshop will provide you with tools to equip you to be your authentic self in community and at work.

  • Allyship 101
    What does it mean to be a “good ally”?  How do we use our privilege and influence show up and support marginalized communities?  In this interactive workshop you will develop new skills around what it means to be an ally, share ideas, and have discussion on  how to work together to stand up to oppression, bullying, and systems that keep us apart.

  • Work Life Balance is EXHAUSTING
    Is your work life balance way off? Feeling like you want to recharge but CAN’T? Don’t know how? Or feel guilty when you do? Yea, we hear ya. This workshop will provide practical tips and tools for how to carve out the time you need to recharge with easy everyday timeouts that can help prevent burn-out.
  • Social Media & Fake News
    Take a look into social media viral “fake” posts and the effect it has on your social media community. Do you know the difference between alternative and traditional media outlets? How do you fact check and from what reputable sources? Understand how the news works and how to be a vigilant resource.
  • Unpacking Masculinity
    This workshop will discuss what men’s roles are in ending violence against women. We will also consider what masculinity looks like in marginalized communities and discuss ways to disrupt abusive behaviors in men’s socialization.
Youth & Young Leader Focused Workshop
  • Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
    Do you want to be part of building a more sustainable and justice-based community? Are you interested in  the intersections of youth leadership, community building, and  sustainability being done in Tucson? This workshop will presented by local youth organizers and touches on mobilizing youth as  stewards and protectors of the environment. Participants will learn skills and gain tools to be advocates in their own communities and gain knowledge through a peer lens that it rooted in love for each other and their community.

**Please note this workshop is designed specifically for High school & College aged leaders.**


Workshop Presenters
Sandy Hogan, PCC - Workshop: Your such a "1"
Certified Integral Coach
Regional Representative for New Ventures West
Paloma Lopez-Santiago - Workshop: You’re a Bad@ss, not an imposter
Vice President of Advancement
San Miguel High School
Tiana Ronstadt - Workshop: Make It Rain…or Not.
Investment Advisor
Woodbury Financial Services
Courtney Williams - Workshop: No Fear Startups
Emagine Solutions
Liz Pocock - Workshop: No Fear Startups
Startup Tucson
Marian C. LaLonde - Workshop: Negotiate UP
Mining, Environmental, Real Estate and Corporate Attorney
Quarles & Brady LLP
Laura Alexander - Workshop: Get on Board!
Partner & Consultant
Alexander-Carrillo Consulting
Casey Anderson - Workshop: Be Your Best Brand: How to Market Yourself to Succeed
Ad Director, Associate Publisher
Tucson Local Media
Lisa M. Hopper - Workshop: Be Your Best Brand: How to Market Yourself to Succeed
Marketing & Sales Consultant
Tucson Local Media
Dominique Calza - Workshop: That was weird.
Program Coordinator, Mexican American Student Services
Liane Hernandez - Workshop: That was weird.
Community Outreach & Education Director
YWCA Southern Arizona
Michelle Pitot, EdD - Workshop: Work Life Balance is EXHAUSTING
Coach, Author, Speaker & Chief of Staff
YWCA Southern Arizona
Alba Jaramillo, J.D. - Workshop: Your Truth
Director, Latina Leadership Institute
YWCA Southern Arizona
SURJ - Workshop: Allyship 101
Tucson local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice
SURJ - Kim Westenskow - Workshop: Allyship 101
Mari Herreras - Workshop: Social media & Fake news
Organizing & Advocacy Director
YWCA Southern Arizona
Jillian Thomas - Workshop: Social media & Fake news
Digital Media & Communications Manager
YWCA Southern Arizona
Michael Brasher - Workshop: Unpacking Masculinity
Monika Cabrera - Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
TYLO Youth Organizer
Mia Noriega - Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
TYLO Youth Organizer
Arely Raygoza - Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
TYLO Youth Organizer
Jasmine Bojorquez - Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
TYLO Youth Organizer
Nelda Ruiz - Resilient Communities: Sustainable, Organized & (EM)Powered Youth
TYLO Community Organizer

BOLD & BAD@$! Leaders

C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel

Luis Alberto Perales, M.S. - C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
Institute for Transformative Education
Cheyenne Ross - C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
Arizona Complete Health
Peggy Hutchison - C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
The Primavera Foundation
Daisy M. Jenkins, Esq. - C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
President & CEO
Daisy Jenkins & Associates, LLC
Susan Gray - C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
Vice President of Energy Delivery
Tucson Electric Power

 This conference is supported in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration:




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